Nov. 14, 2021

Episode 76: Tony Blauer (Part II) - Personal safety, self-defense, and combatives consultant

Episode 76: Tony Blauer (Part II) - Personal safety, self-defense, and combatives consultant
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Today’s guest is Tony Blauer. In his return to the podcast, we dive deeper into the self-defense system and fear management program he’s created. We discuss the scenario-based approach to his self-defense system and why it’s called the Spear System. He emphasizes the importance of what it means to know fear, discusses the fear loop and how to get out of it, and provides tools people can use to better manage their fear. If you’re new to the show, I would encourage you to listen to part 1 of my conversation with Tony prior to this one. Part 1 goes over Tony’s background and upbringing and will provide you with the context to understand why he does the work that he does today.




00:03:05 How he went about creating his self-defense system


00:19:23 2 biggest things out of the 80s that drove the development of the Spear System and Know Fear


00:21:15 Simple rule on applying force in a fight


00:24:54 Why is it called the Spear System?


00:40:25 Idea for the Know Fear program


00:44:50 Change your relationship with fear, change your life


00:48:15 Fear management needs new management


00:54:50 Why a lot of people don't fight back


01:02:03 How people can get out of the fear loop


01:12:36 How business leaders can apply Know Fear principles


01:19:33 Why a lot of people just call him "Coach"


01:23:42 What he wants to accomplish 5 years from now


01:26:29 His daily routine


01:30:16 Parting words for the audience