Feb. 20, 2022

Episode 79: Natalie Walstein - Finding your true calling through astrology

Episode 79: Natalie Walstein - Finding your true calling through astrology

This year, I want to include more guests on the show who lean toward the more spiritual side of things. To kick that off, the guest on this week’s episode is Natalie Walstein. Natalie is a career astrologer at Soulshine Astrology, where she focuses on the intersection of career coaching and astrological counseling to help others find their true calling in life. Originally born in Minneapolis, MN, Natalie went on to study at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada for Communication Design before running her own design studio as a graphic, web & magazine designer for creative entrepreneurs for 5 years. Then, everything in her life came to a standstill. Her relationship went south, she had an intense near-death experience in which she also got misdiagnosed with cancer, and she was falling out of love with her career. By tapping into her own astrological birth chart, she decided to pivot to working with others on a deeper spiritual level through astrology. In this interview, we get into Natalie’s background and how she got into astrology, the work that she does today as a career astrologer, the value of comparing astrological charts in relationships, and my own mini birth chart reading.




00:02:11 Definition of astrology


00:03:38 What got her into astrology and spirituality


00:06:05 Her career prior to becoming an astrologer


00:08:42 The severe illness she dealt with for 3 years


00:10:13 What her parents did for work and their reaction to her career change


00:11:40 When she decided to become a full-time astrologer


00:13:43 Overcoming her doubts and hesitations to become a full-time astrologer


00:16:20 Overview of Soulshine Astrology


00:18:23 The kinds of clients that come to her for guidance


00:19:07 Increased interest in astrology during the pandemic


00:19:58 What she looks for in a person's birth chart when helping them find their true calling


00:21:16 My quick birth chart reading


00:26:09 Not being in alignment with your true calling


00:28:35 Determining when significant shifts in your life might occur using astrology


00:30:53 Interplay between free will and astrology


00:32:48 The ethics of astrology


00:34:28 The value of comparing astrological birth charts in relationships


00:40:01 What inspired her to write her new book?


00:41:00 Where is the best place for people to start when learning astrology?


00:42:07 Jupiter crossing my career line


00:44:52 What she wants to have accomplished 5 years from now


00:46:53 Her other spiritual interests


00:47:23 Her daily routine


00:48:32 Her driving force


00:49:29 Parting words of wisdom