Dec. 28, 2021

Episode 78: Quin Sandler - Helping people move better, Founder and CEO of Plantiga

Episode 78: Quin Sandler - Helping people move better, Founder and CEO of Plantiga

Today’s guest is Quin Sandler. Quin is a designer, product builder, investor, entrepreneur and musician. He’s founded four start-ups in the last 12 years: Keystone Learning, a mobile tutoring company; Principle Design Group, a branding and identity company; FestThis, a media and live events production company; and is currently leading the charge at Plantiga, a human analytics company with one simple goal: to build the most comprehensive, intelligent system that monitors, analyzes and predicts human movement for recovery, health and fitness. Plantiga provides members insights on their movement health through a combination of sensor insoles – which track how you walk, run, jump, and change direction – and 1 on 1 coaching with certified movement specialists to help you better understand what to do with the data you’re getting from the insoles. In this interview, we get into Quin’s career pivot from musician to entrepreneur, the companies he founded prior to Plantiga, and all things Plantiga and movement health.




00:02:22 Growing up in Vancouver, Canada


00:04:45 Wanting to become a professional musician


00:06:31 Is he a natural/born entrepreneur?


00:07:28 Pivoting to entrepreneurship and leaving college


00:10:24 The tutoring company he founded


00:12:46 The other companies he founded prior to Plantiga


00:15:29 Key takeaways from his prior ventures


00:16:39 Founding Plantiga


00:18:05 The name Plantiga


00:19:05 Plantiga overview


00:20:04 Plantiga use cases


00:22:05 The Plantiga insoles


00:24:06 The movement health crisis


00:27:13 The Plantiga user experience


00:30:53 Target markets and customer base


00:32:48 The sedentary lifestyle


00:35:23 Why movement is the best lens into human health


00:38:37 Plantiga business model


00:39:59 How the pandemic affected the business


00:42:50 Raising money for the company


00:44:55 Ultimate vision for Plantiga


00:48:30 Other niches within human performance he finds really interesting


00:51:13 Being a space enthusiast


00:54:00 What he wants to accomplish 5 years from now


00:55:25 His daily routine


00:56:38 His driving force


00:58:32 Parting words of wisdom for the aspiring entrepreneur