Dec. 26, 2021

Episode 77: Brothers Shane and Josh Rogers, Co-founders of RPM Training Co.

Episode 77: Brothers Shane and Josh Rogers, Co-founders of RPM Training Co.

Today’s guests are brothers Shane and Josh Rogers, co-founders of RPM Training. Founded in 2012, RPM was born out of the idea that legit, purposeful functional training is the foundation for a truly full and adventurous life. It all started with jump ropes. Shane and Josh began noticing the frustration their fellow gym members were having over completing the dreaded double-under jump rope workout. They scoured the market for the best jump ropes out there only to find critical flaws in every one they tried. So, they took it upon themselves to build a jump rope unlike any other. In addition to jump ropes, the company also recently announced the launch of Atom, a first of its kind virtual functional training program. Atom members get an unparalleled at-home workout experience through a combination of the best coaching, the right gear, and the power of community. Personally, it’s something I’m super excited about and I can’t wait to hop on the platform! In this interview, we delve into their backgrounds and relationship as brothers, the genesis of RPM, the reinvention of the jump rope, the Atom platform, and their annual 10k Challenge.




00:02:27 Growing up in Northern California


00:07:15 What they thought they wanted to do for careers growing up


00:09:47 Their backgrounds prior to RPM


00:12:37 Biggest takeaways from their prior jobs


00:16:11 The genesis of RPM


00:22:14 Nailing the foundation of their jump ropes


00:25:03 Doing everything in-house


00:28:02 The RPM brand and its evolution


00:33:07 Marketing RPM


00:37:41 Defining functional training and the creation of Atom


00:42:13 Overview of Atom


00:43:50 How do people come into Atom?


00:54:41 The Atom gear kits


01:01:04 The Atom leaderboard


01:08:55 The 10K Challenge


01:13:22 Ultimate vision for RPM


01:15:24 Working together as co-founders


01:17:00 What they want to have accomplished 5 years from now


01:17:46 Their daily routines


01:23:11 Their driving forces


01:25:16 Parting words of wisdom for the aspiring entrepreneur